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Have the House edge

Best Blackjack Playing Position

Playing any game in a casino either an online one or an offline one will put you at the mercy of Lady Luck, and as such there is no sure fire way of winning. In fact the house edge is always there to protect the casino and put in place a theoretical profit for the house.

This means in basic terms that you are going to suffer both winning and losing sessions, but by playing Blackjack you stand a sporting chance of winning should you play a perfect game and follow a correct basic strategy.

One of the most often asked questions a Blackjack player will ask when first facing a Blackjack table is, "does it matter where I sat", to be honest the correct answer is no! However some players will always blame their fellow players for the result of a game and often the player who is playing at Third base will get the wrath of players at their table simply based on how they choose to handle their hand.

This is due to the player at Third base being the last person to be dealt their cards and is also the last person to opt to Stand, Hit or Double Down. Whatever decision they make all fellow players can see that the cards they received could have, at times made the Dealer Bust, and this very fact can get players all riled up and often cursing the Third Base player.

In reality it doesn't matter how the Third Base player plays his hand the only person who can affect your hand is you, never forget this. Players will often be saved by a Third Base players decision just as much as they are slaughtered by it! But ultimately if you are playing a good strategy it doesn't matter where you sit.

Don't forget that you will have to arm yourself with the best Blackjack strategy for the variant of Blackjack you are playing, take a good look around our site and get all the information you will need to become a better Blackjack player.

You can now play online multi-player Blackjack at several of our featured online casinos, so if you fancy sitting down to play with players from around the world then check them out.

One major benefit of playing Blackjack online is that not only will you qualify for comps on every real money wager you make but you will also be able to claim some very generous new player bonuses that can help extend your gaming sessions.

The Microgaming site below is one such site who really go that extra mile to ensure all Blackjack players are very well looked after.

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