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Blackjack - The Basics

The attraction of playing Blackjack as opposed to any other casino games is that, thanks to the games liberal rules, it is a beatable game. In fact once you start to read about card counters and the like you can become seriously attracted to the game!

Blackjack cheats often use a whole manner of different ways to gain the upper hand and this has led to casinos the world over incorporating many ways to stop or greatly reduce a Blackjack cheats chances of success.

But as night follows day there is always someone, somewhere looking to take advantage of the game. Honest players however stand just as much chance of coming out a winner by using a good basic strategy for the Blackjack game they are playing.

You should be aware that there are dozens of different Blackjack variations available and as such you should aim to become master of your chosen game. This will involve you learning not only a good money management system but also the correct strategy for playing.

If you have never played Blackjack before then the aim of the game is very simple and that is for you via your hand to beat the Dealers hand. By getting as near to a total of 21 with your cards as you can without going over and having a higher total that the Dealer is all that is required.

Each card has a value and this is either its face value ie 2 = 2, 4 = 4, etc or should it be a picture card namely a Jack, Queen or King then that card is worth 10. An Ace is worth 1 or 11.

To begin a game of Blackjack you simply place your chips in the box in front of you on the Blackjack table layout, and the game will begin. You will be dealt two cards and the Dealer will be showing just one face up card, you then simply need to decide if you wish to stick with your two cards, or get dealt a further card this is called Hitting, or maybe you wish to split your cards into two separate hands.

Once each player has made their decision then the Dealer will reveal his hand and then all winning players will be paid out. A standard win will be paid out at even money, a Blackjack (Ace and a Ten value card) will be paid out at odds of 3-2 and an Insurance bet if successful will be paid out at 2-1.

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