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Money Management

Placing strict controls over your gaming budget and both knowing when to quit or reduce/increase your stake levels may sound common sense but it is often over looked by players and can dramatically reduce your overall paybacks when playing blackjack.

If is important that you have a sufficient bankroll to allow you to ride out the ups and downs that will occur during your blackjack session. So the first in our series of blackjack tips is to divide your stake by 35 then use that as your betting stake per hand. I.E. if you have $350 then $10 should be what you are betting per hand.

You should also decide on a suitable stop limit, this is a preset figure that you are aiming to win during you blackjack session. A conservative figure should by between 50 and 100% of your bankroll.

So if you have $350 available to hit the tables then aim to win 50% ($175) conversely if you are having a bad run of cards place a stop loss of the same figure, meaning if you lose $175 of your original bankroll then call it a day and stop playing.

Choose Your Blackjack Game
One of the most valuable blackjack tips we can give is for you to choose very carefully which blackjack game you intend to play very carefully. There are literally dozens of different varieties available and you should be looking for the one with the best paybacks and lowest house edge.

If you are looking to play blackjack online then you should take a look at Microgamings Vegas Strip blackjack game as it has a very low house edge of just 0.3606% when played with perfect strategy so make sure you take a look at a strategy card for this game to help improve you game play.

Blackjack Comps and Bonuses
It can often be easy to forget that most online casinos will give you both a bonus once you make a deposit and comps for playing in real money mode, and no blackjack tips guide would be complete without us covering this in a little detail.

But a word of caution regarding casino bonuses, always ensure that the terms and conditions allow you to play blackjack with this free casino cash, as some will and some won't and with bonuses often being worth 100 -200% of your deposit amount finding a casino that permits blackjack play can greatly increase your chances of have a winning blackjack session, so always read the small print.

Casino comps can add up very quickly especially when playing online as you will get to play much more hands than you ever would at a landbased venue, so before you start to play ensure you are a member of the casinos' comp club as some online casinos require you to sign up separately, take a few minutes to check before you hit those tables.

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