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Blackjack Terminology

When either the Dealer of the Player is dealt an Ace and a Ten (Ten, Jack, Queen or King) this is called a Blackjack. In the standard game of Blackjack you will be paid out at odds of 3-2 once you receive this hand, if both a Player and a Dealer gets a Blackjack the hand in most cases is declared a push and your stakes are returned.

Hitting is when you decide you wish to take another card, in a land based casino the Players may tap the table or wave his hand towards himself, when playing online you simple click the "Hit" button you will then be dealt another card, you can only take another card when it is your turn based on your playing position.

If you have been dealt your cards and feel you have a good enough hand you can "Stand", when playing inland based casinos you do this by waving your hands across the top of your cards, in an online casino simply click the "Stand" button.

Doubling Down
Every Blackjack variant has different rules regarding "Doubling Down" and all this means is that you are doubling your orignal wager to receive another card. Make sure you read the rules regarding which Blackjack game you are playing, the usual way to Double Down is to simply place your additional wager along side your original bet on the card table. If you are playing online then simply click the "Double Down" button.

As with Doubling Down some Blackjack games allow you to Split cards usually this is when you are dealt two cards that are the same ie 2x 7's, once you decide to Split them they are sperated into two new hands and a further card is dealt to each.

You have to place another wager of the same value of your original bet onto the new hand. In a land based casino the Dealer will seperate them for you, online once you click the Split button the computer will seperate them for you and add your additional bet, deducting it from your balance.

An Insurance bet is offered if the Dealer is dealt an Ace. You can bet upto half your stake on an Insurance Bet and you will be paid out at odds of 2-1 should the dealer get a Blackjack.

One you have been dealt your two cards and the Dealer has checked for Blackjack some games permit you to surrender, meaning you can stop playing and receive half your wager back.

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