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Blackjack Tips Disclaimer

Blackjack Tips hereby accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses what so ever which may be incurred by any person or persons using any part of the Blackjack Tips website. All content should be used for information only purposes and any such information if used by yourself is deemed to be at your own risk.

We may showcase you with any number of online gaming sites however we accept no responsibility for any dealings between yourself and such sites. You must at all times satisfy yourself that any such gaming site is responsible and is a site at which you wish to play.

The Blackjack Tips website is an information portal and as such no gambling occurs on this site, we provide links directly to several gaming websites and you are encouraged to read any terms and conditions of such sites thoroughly to ensure you are 100% happy with any account you may open.

At no time does Blackjack Tips promote or encourage any type of illegal or under age gambling, and you should ensure that you reside in a jurisdiction where gambling online is considered legal, and you are of an age at which gambling is legal for said jurisdiction.

Help and Advice
Blackjack Tips is a responsible website operator and as such we feel compelled to inform you that should any person or persons you know have any kind of gambling problem, or should you wish to seek advice on any kind of gambling addiction problem then there are several places you can seek guidance.

Once such site is Gamblers Anonymous who will offer free and professional advice to anyone who contacts them. We cannot speak highly enough of them and they can be contacted via telephone or email.

Another similar organisation is Gamcare, who are based in the UK and once again they offer free and professional advice to anyone addicted too or who knows anyone affected by problem gambling. You may telephone them anytime night or day.

Play Sensibly
Should you wish to play Blackjack then always set yourself a budget, this budget should only be money you are prepared to lose.

Never play Blackjack or any type of gambling game for real money when you are drunk or tired. Always look at gambling as a form of entertainment.

If you cannot afford to gamble then don't. Free-play Blackjack sites are available that can give you hours of entertainment at no risk to your own funds.

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