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New Blackjack Game

Microgaming have recently launched one of the most exciting new variations of Blackjack we have ever seen, this new game is called High Streak European Blackjack and it is one of the very first Blackjack games that allow you to place a special sidebet.

This sidebet offer you some great payouts which start to kick in once you get onto a "winning streak". This sidebet is optional and once you manage to get 2 consecutive wins in a row you start to get special bonus payouts.

Get 2 winning games in a row under your belt then you will win a payout of even money this is based on your side bet amount only.

If you then manage to get another win in a row making it 3 consecutive wins then you will be rewarded with odds of 2 to 1, again this is only based on your side bet amount.

If your winning streak continues and you manage to win a forth win in a row then you are going to get paid out at odds of 5 to 1 based once again on your side bet.

If Lady Luck is smiling and you win the fifth game in a row and you have taken the side bet then you have just won 10 to 1 based on your side bet.

The standard Blackjack game is European Blackjack and you can play this for a stake of $1 up to an including $200 per hand. The side bet is as we mention optional and you can choose any amount from $1 to $200 also. You don't have to play for real money, you can play the same stakes as a free blackjack games on a table at home or online.

European Blackjack played at Gaming Club Casino is played with the following rules:

Two full decks of cards are used
The Dealer must Stand on all 17's
The Dealer does not Peek
You can Double Down on 9, 10 and 11
You can Split hands just once to make two separate hands
You can have multiple cards to Split Aces
A split Ace and a 10 counts as 21 and not Blackjack
You are not permitted to split un-a-like ten cards

High Roller Bonuses and all the Thrills of Vegas!
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