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Have the House edge

When To Double Down

The best position to be in when playing Blackjack is when you have the opportunity to Double Down. If you have never come across this term before it simply means that you are permitted to double your original bet and receive an additional card once you have received your first two cards.

In most Blackjack variants you can Double Down on any two cards, some allow you to Double Down after a split, so make sure you checkout the rules of the Blackjack game you are playing.

By Doubling Down you can reduce the house edge, for example if you are playing an eight deck shoe and by having the ability to Double Down on any two cards the house edge will be as little as .55%. If you are allowed to Double after you have split a hand this will reduce the house edge even more.

The beauty of being able to Double Down is that you can have the opportunity to beat the Dealer when he is at his weakest, and by doubling your stake you are in effect doubling your winning opportunity.

You may not know but when a Dealer is holding either a 2, 3, 4, 5 or a 6 he is at his weakest and this is when you should without a doubt be looking to Double Down, as more times that not they will Bust.

Many players get nervous about Doubling Down but if you are playing at sensible stakes at which your bankroll is well equated to your stake per hand then you have nothing to fear from Doubling Down, so make sure you are, and never play at stakes that you and your bankroll can't maintain.

If you fail to Double Down when your strategy dictates you should then you are going to end up increasing the house edge and in effect your expected and actual profit.

Use the Dealers bust percentage guide below to gain maximum advantage when Doubling Down, make sure you learn it and always feel confident when you make this move.

Dealers up card 2 - Bust percentage is 35%
Dealers up card 3 - Bust percentage is 37%
Dealers up card 4 - Bust percentage is 40%
Dealers up card 5 - Bust percentage is 42%
Dealers up card 6 - Bust percentage is 42%
Dealers up card 7 - Bust percentage is 26%
Dealers up card 8 - Bust percentage is 24%
Dealers up card 9 - Bust percentage is 23%
Dealers up card 10 - Bust percentage is 23%
Dealers up card Ace - Bust percentage is 17%

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