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The Icons of Blackjack Throughout History

Blackjack is a favoured card game where the player's main opponent is the dealer. In this game, aces can be valued at one or eleven, while queens, jacks, and kings hold a value of 10. If you get the hang of the core principles, mastering blackjack is a walk in the park.

The objective? Keep the card value at 21 or below. The dealer remains in the game until they reach a total of 17. However, if the dealer's card value exceeds the player's without hitting 21, the game swings in favour of the dealer. Learn how to play blackjack and start enjoying this legendary game!

Now, let's dive into the stories of some blackjack legends who etched their names in the annals of the game.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson's name echoes in blackjack circles for his spectacular feat of scooping over $15 million in half a year from three Atlantic City casinos.

In one of his legendary hands, he wagered $100,000 and was dealt two eights, which he decided to split. After receiving two more eights, he split once more. Each time he got two or three, he doubled down. The dealer ended up with a total of 15 from two cards and drew a 10. This single play netted Johnson a whopping $800,000.

His winning spree over six months was legendary. The casinos confirmed he played fair without card counting. However, his victories were a huge blow to some establishments, with Caesars even banning him from all their global properties.

Bryce Carlson

Bryce Carlson, the man behind Blackjack for Blood, ventured into the blackjack world in the 1970s. He honed his skills through conversations with other ace players, mastering card strategy, group gameplay, and stealth.

Even with his extensive knowledge, Carlson decided to share his insights through a comprehensive book. As online blackjack surged in the late '90s, Carlson, along with other seasoned players, engaged in virtual casinos.

In a candid chat, Carlson once mentioned his determination to beat the casinos at their very game. He recalled a 47-hour losing streak, which took him another 141 hours to overturn. One of his cherished memories remains a $200 hand at the Excalibur in Las Vegas.

Carlson even devised the Omega II Blackjack Machine to refine his gameplay. Later, he launched software akin to the Omega II Blackjack Casino.

Henry Tamburin

Author of Blackjack: Take the Money and Run, Henry Tamburin's blackjack journey commenced during his graduate school days. After a heavy loss, his determination to master the game ignited.

With a strong mathematical foundation, he effortlessly grasped card counting and essential blackjack techniques. To sharpen his skills, he frequented gaming conventions and mingled with pro players.

Tamburin showcased his prowess on CBS's Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Presently, he's the chief editor of the “Blackjack Insider Newsletter”. His platform, Smart Gaming, champions better odds for enthusiasts and imparts wisdom on intelligent gameplay.

Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong, the alias for John Ferguson, is recognized for his masterpiece, Professional Blackjack. His blackjack ventures began as a revenue stream during his postgraduate years. In 1975, while still at Stanford, he unveiled his inaugural book.

Wong developed the Blackjack Analyzer, a revolutionary tool that deciphers blackjack odds. “Wonging,” a technique highlighted in his book, emphasizes switching tables during the shoe game.

In 1985, he assembled a squad to contest in blackjack and diverse gaming tournaments. This team of six emerged victorious in eight tournaments, accumulating over $200,000. Beyond his prolific blackjack career, Wong has penned nearly 15 gambling guides.

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